We're workmen, not salesmen. We want to craft your website, not a sales pitch. Our prices are so low we don't need a sales force ... so you don't pay for one.


We don't use an automated code generator to make your website. We construct your site ourselves, writing only the code it needs – resulting in far less code.


Your pages display faster, because there's less code being downloaded from the webserver (see hand-coded). Your viewers enjoy your site more.

Greetings from the Burger Brothers!

Why Burger? We are Tim Allen and John Joyner. We develop websites. And we both enjoy the great American food, the burger. So we think of ourselves as the Burger Brothers. We're half-way between San Francisco and Los Angeles, in Atascadero, California, on U.S. Highway 101. Stop by when you're driving through, and we can all go out for a burger!

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We love to answer questions! No charge. No obligation. No catch. Learn how the Internet works. How websites work. What is a domain name? Who owns a domain name? How can you get your own domain name? How much do websites cost? Why do some companies charge so much, and others so little? What is hosting? What about email? Get your questions answered!